Doctor of Liberal Arts students of the University of Pécs

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Patrick Nicholas Tayler
DLA INTRO is an annually organised exhibition with the aim of introducing the new Doctor of Liberal Arts students of the University of Pécs, and to exhibit the latest developments in the ongoing endeavours of the upper-graders. DLA INTRO is also an event that hosts the concert of the doctorate institution’s music department, further enriching the exhibition’s scope. As a group exhibition that displays diverse artistic practices, it creates a space of discourse for the question of what art is, its expansive nature - and thus its ungraspable definitions.

four paintings by David Utcai

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Tayler Patrick Nicholas
Temporality plays a key role in the work of Dávid Utcai. Drawn to the sonic structures of techno and electronic music in general, Utcai investigates how materials create an ambient of visual signs. According to József A. Tillmann techno is one of the contemporary forms of the sublime[1] – that is: an overpowering presence, a loss of self-definition, a combination of beauty and fear.

Florian Lang & Klára Petra Szabó’s exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest

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Patrick Tayler
The exhibition of Florian Lang and Klára Petra Szabó is currently on display at the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest. Titled Blue Sunday the collaboration presents an intricate combination of traditional and unorthodox painterly methods, video- and light installations and a migration of motifs between images that use diverse strategies to establish and break illusions.

Ákos Ezer’s one-man show at Art+Text Budapest Gallery

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Patrick Nicholas Tayler
Ákos Ezer’s current exhibition presents the artists’ most recent artworks that depict the reoccurring motif of the stumbling man. The methods which Ezer uses to construct his paintings are partly inspired by the technical tools of kitsch, neo-expressionistic figurative tendencies and digital modelling. These form an inherent part of the discourse surrounding contemporary painting and also define Ezer as an artist deploying multiple visual strategies.


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Lorand Hegyi
The exhibition “VOLTO” is dedicated to an old, large, at the same time familiar and enigmatic subject: the face. Given the unique, significantly personal, principally singular, unrepeatable, irreplaceable, in-exchangeable character of the face, it is almost inevitably identified with the external appearance of a person, with the image of an individual.

Franz Marc and the humanized portrayal of animals in painting

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Nicolas Eber
The anthropomorphous character of the painting reproduced as figure 4 is entirely obvious and doubtless, whereby already its title alone reveals the relevant intention of the painter, namely the symbolization of the extreme cruelty of the war in question. He is thereby simultaneously delivering a clear proof of the fact that the anthropomorphous representation of animals in other context and in general is not unfamiliar to him.

“I’m trying to incorporate more texture into my pieces…” – Questions for Susan Swartz

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Ferenc Margl
I only create acrylic paintings; however, I am now exploring how to incorporate other mediums into my work, for example, elements of the natural environment. My moving art video is currently the only piece of work that shows multiple forms of art.

Colors, Numbers, Facts – Dóra Maurer’s Exhibition

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by Dalma Eged Dóra Maurer’s solo exhibition opened at the cultic gallery in White Cube Mason’s Yard in London on May 27. Although the exhibition is not retrospective, the over 20 conceptual paintings, photos, films and installations on show in the halls of the world-famous exhibition space in downtown London cover four decades of the

Energies & Echoes – Dumitru Gorzo’s exhibition

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by Paul D’Agostino Dumitru Gorzo's new body of paintings, an exquisite and compositionally electric series the Brooklyn-based artist produced while visiting a remote studio outpost in his home country Romania, evidence him taking his characteristic, indeed unmistakable mark-making into formal territories as relatively uncharted as the isolated, mountainous landscapes that surrounded him as he worked.

The Mysteries of San Francisco – Interview with Gergely Barki

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by Gábor Pataki In 1915, nine years after the earthquake devastated San Francisco, a world’s fare was held in the city to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal (Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, abbreviated as PPIE). Just like at the other expos of the time, visual arts played a key role at the event. For the

Creating the Past

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Interview with Munkácsy Prize-winning artist Csaba Nagy about his Public Art Creations titled Organic Point and Time Planes by Anna Nagy As evidenced by the prizes you have been awarded, you are mostly known and renowned by the members of the profession as a graphic artist, and we primarily encounter woodcuts of a philosophical/meditative nature