an introductory group exhibition of the resident artists of Atelier Budakalász

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Tayler Patrick Nicholas
There are places in suburban Budapest where artists tinker around in weird hours, working on pieces that can be described with a collection of contradictory terms: edgy, ephemeral, toy-like, pseudo-scientific, Blade Runneresque, sacred, sacrilegious, modified, recontextualised, assisted, remixed, etc., deploying tactics that unsettle the norms of art. They sometimes utilise the tools of the film industry, of fine mechanics or of any other area connected to the construction of illusions and palpable realities.

“I’m trying to incorporate more texture into my pieces…” – Questions for Susan Swartz

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Ferenc Margl
I only create acrylic paintings; however, I am now exploring how to incorporate other mediums into my work, for example, elements of the natural environment. My moving art video is currently the only piece of work that shows multiple forms of art.