“Exit From the White Cube Ghetto”
Interview with Peter Bencze, founder and organizer of the hybrid institution of Everybody Needs Art [ENA]

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Patrick Tayler
In this series of interviews, Új Művészet presents non-profit, for-profit, commercial and internationally relevant galleries. These conversations reveal how certain institutions were affected by the pandemic, and what kind of online and offline strategies were developed to confront current situations. Today we are asking Péter Bencze, founder and organizer of the hybrid institution Everybody Needs Art [ENA].

Botond Keresztesi: Van Gogh’s Airbnb

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Patrick Tayler
Painters, like Botond Keresztesi, bring back distant visual triggers, for those who still have some unfinished mission in the virtual sphere: a save slot left unopened for too long, an uncaught apple, a motorbike levitating since the last millennium. Instead of recreating previous experiences – and the resulting emotional-cognitive reactions – on a technically more advanced platform, Keresztesi deploys the ancient practice of painting to recontextualise digital and non-digital fragments.