“…for the Lonely Distant Baby Souls”
An interview with Joakim Ojanen

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Patrick Tayler
Tearjerker, eye bender, fall over! Figures moving about, minding their business in their world filled with thingamajigs and overall tomfoolery. In the work of Joakim Ojanen brouhaha and hahaha echo around the endless stage of existence. The snakes and ladders of fortune take us from happy, uplifting moments to tragic seconds of light misery. Fiddlesticks! One is always only a second away from breakdown or total catharsis.  

Vakfoltok struktúrája
Murányi Mózes Márton és Papp Sándor Dávid: Lack of

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Kovács Kristóf (Sajnos Gergely)
A hazai kortárs képzőművészeti szcéna és annak helyszínei – legyen szó „kicsi” vagy „nagy” intézményről – gyakorlatilag elkényelmesedtek, komformizálódtak. Ez a jelenség a magyarországi intézményrendszer általános problémáiból, illetve azok eszkalálódásából fakad.

To Adjust the Default Settings
The Common Zone of Painting and Digitality-Influenced Imagery

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Orsolya Lia Vető
The traditionally slow genre of painting is capable of challenging the inhumanly fast circulation of digital imagery. Painting interacts with the digital by appropriating, and formally codifying its heterogeneous and ephemeral visual experiences. While utopian notions of the correlation between the human and the machine are becoming blurred, the digital is restructured as something increasingly real and thus permeating the nervous system of contemporary painting.