Harminc nap alatt a szív körül
Kaliczka Patrícia kiállítása a Viltin Galériában

2020-02-20T15:19:20+00:00február 20, 2020|ONLINE|

Tayler Patrick Nicholas
Kaliczka második, Viltin Galériában megrendezett egyéni kiállításán évek óta érlelődő, érzékelhetően többször átalakított festmények kerültek narratív összefüggésbe. A művek fókuszát az önvizsgálat – az én különböző művészettörténeti-archetipikus előképekben való feloldása – jelenti.

Guarding Beauty
Ádám Dallos’s one-man show Mercurius with Crying Dragon

2019-07-22T09:52:04+00:00július 20, 2019|Art Today, ONLINE|

Patrick Nicholas Tayler
Ádám Dallos exhibited three large-scale oil paintings – Boy with Crying Dragon (2019), Mercurius with Crying Dragon (2019), Bleeding Eye Bull Begins to Cry (2019) – that each show an individual male nude in the company of a monster. The mythical beasts complete the human figures as attributes of an awakening power, as projected spirits of testosterone, or in other words, a guarding presence hovering above the exposed bodies.

2016. 08. 11. –
Zita Dávid’s solo exhibition

2018-12-19T12:46:12+00:00december 19, 2018|Art Today, ONLINE|

Patrick Nicholas Tayler
Zita Dávid’s paintings provide poetic images that give the viewer an inter-subjective experience. The barriers of the self are questioned as the observer is driven to look through the artist’s eyes, becoming personally involved.

Doctor of Liberal Arts students of the University of Pécs

2018-11-03T20:10:49+00:00november 3, 2018|Art Today, ONLINE|

Patrick Nicholas Tayler
DLA INTRO is an annually organised exhibition with the aim of introducing the new Doctor of Liberal Arts students of the University of Pécs, and to exhibit the latest developments in the ongoing endeavours of the upper-graders. DLA INTRO is also an event that hosts the concert of the doctorate institution’s music department, further enriching the exhibition’s scope. As a group exhibition that displays diverse artistic practices, it creates a space of discourse for the question of what art is, its expansive nature - and thus its ungraspable definitions.

four paintings by David Utcai

2018-11-13T18:05:20+00:00október 24, 2018|Art Today, ONLINE|

Tayler Patrick Nicholas
Temporality plays a key role in the work of Dávid Utcai. Drawn to the sonic structures of techno and electronic music in general, Utcai investigates how materials create an ambient of visual signs. According to József A. Tillmann techno is one of the contemporary forms of the sublime[1] – that is: an overpowering presence, a loss of self-definition, a combination of beauty and fear.

Ákos Ezer’s one-man show at Art+Text Budapest Gallery

2018-09-18T09:19:10+00:00szeptember 18, 2018|Art Today|

Patrick Nicholas Tayler
Ákos Ezer’s current exhibition presents the artists’ most recent artworks that depict the reoccurring motif of the stumbling man. The methods which Ezer uses to construct his paintings are partly inspired by the technical tools of kitsch, neo-expressionistic figurative tendencies and digital modelling. These form an inherent part of the discourse surrounding contemporary painting and also define Ezer as an artist deploying multiple visual strategies.