Always on the go
"I am always paranoid about everything." – Interview with Brad Downey

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Kovács Kristóf (Sajnos Gergely)
"In 2020, because of my captivity (for about seven months), I was forced to rent a room in an apartment in Slovenia and work in a new studio. I bonded daily with the same five people. It was significant to me that I became so close with these strangers.  We together created a community that felt like a family – deep human relationships when relationships were prohibited. As for 2021, I read a few days ago that the USA passed a special bill to authorize domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze and monitor "domestic" terrorist. Sounds like some hardcore Stasi shit to me."

He Who Sows the Wind

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The Installations of Endre Koronczi by Anica Rudolf   The wind blows where it wants to blow. It picks up the discarded trash, say a plastic bag. It carries it away, tugging at it, turning it toward the sun, then puts it down then lifts it again and hangs it on a tree branch. Endre Koronczi has been watching this [...]